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I am a keen landscape artist living and working high in the hills of Upper Weardale, drawing much inspiration from my dramatic North Pennine surroundings.

It is my aim to invoke the feeling of the humbling influence of this unique environment within my artworks; a landscape that simultaneously asserts both brooding dominance and ethereal beauty.

 I find that charcoal is an excellent medium with which to capture the unique moodiness of the Pennine hills and valleys; it mimics the feeling that many of us experience when wandering in this wild part of the country – a dark cocktail of the power of the elements, the enormity of the landscape and the physical insignificance of the individual. Yet, the resulting feeling tends to be one of amazement and euphoria.

Over the years, I have exhibited in a diversity of galleries, from Cornwall to Yorkshire and most recently in galleries around the North East, including the Customs House Gallery, South Shields and the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

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