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Why North Pennine Studios?



Let me introduce myself. My name’s John; I am a bespoke framer and the owner of North Pennine Studios. I have had a passion for high quality bespoke framing for over 15 years. I set myself the highest standards of workmanship so that you can be confident that you will receive framed works of the highest quality in return.  I am also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, with an interest in the preservation and restoration of materials; I consider the science behind materials and their potential for degeneration over time, and take great care to minimise these processes – you will receive a framing service that will provide lasting care for whatever has been encased within.




I am based at my own purpose-built Workshop in the village of Ireshopeburn, high in the North Pennines in Upper Weardale. I have tailored my business to provide a low-volume, high quality service, but without unnecessary frills and overheads. My emphasis is upon remaining small, sustainable and exclusive. As a result, you can expect exemplary personal service at very reasonable prices.




Framing at North Pennine Studios employs equipment and methods of craftsmanship that have barely changed over the past century. The computer aided design and manufacturing equipment seen in more commercial framing workshops is completely absent. Every stage of framing is undertaken by my own hand, using no powered equipment whatsoever. Each frame is finished to a very high standard and supplied with a few inclusive little extras, such as felt backing pads that not only protect the wall upon which the frame is to be hung, but allow efficient airflow behind the rear of the frame, thus guarding against condensation and mould problems.




Environmental Sustainability is also an important consideration. The absence of power tools results in a very low energy footprint during frame production. The small amount of energy required by the workshop (for basics such as low-energy lighting) is predominantly supplied by the solar panels installed at my premises. My suppliers are based here in the UK, thus further lowering the carbon footprint of the framing process. Waste materials are generally recycled or reused via upcycling. At a very minimum, they are disposed of sustainably. Furthermore (and possibly most importantly), you are investing in a product that is built to last (and protect its contents) for a lifetime – you will be unlikely to be needing to meet the environmental (and financial) costs of continual replacement.




The service offered by North Pennine Studios can extend way beyond the framing itself. A full collection and/or delivery service is available at competitive prices. Furthermore, I can offer an in-home consultancy to help you choose the perfect frame and mount for the exact surroundings within which the finished work will be hung. I am also very pleased to provide the option of a full hanging service; I have considerable experience in property renovation and interior design and have specialist tools designed to anchor frame fixings in a whole variety of wall types quickly, firmly and cleanly (please see Terms and Conditions section for further info).

Of course, if you wish to opt for a basic framing service without these extras, then items to be framed may (by appointment) be dropped off/collected from the Upper Weardale Workshop (at Earnwell Cottage, Ireshopeburn). Also, for your added convenience, North Pennine Studios also holds a small retail space at Allendale Forge Studios. The Forge is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm – feel free to walk in at any point (you will find the North Pennine Studios space on the first floor), although if you wish to make a specific order or collect a completed frame, please contact to make a suitable appointment.

North Pennines Framing Service
North Pennines Framing Service
North Pennines Framing Service



Tel: 07908 573045



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