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Why Bespoke Framing?



Firstly, it cannot be denied that using a bespoke framing service is considerably more expensive than buying a mass-produced, ‘off the peg’ frame from a home superstore.

So why should you even consider ‘going bespoke’? There are a number of compelling reasons.



Exclusivity: By definition, a bespoke frame is perfectly tailored to your exact requirements – you choose the exact dimensions, the precise type of moulding, the colour and texture of the mount, the type of glass etc. The options are limited only by your imagination. The result will certainly not be ‘off the peg’ – it will be truly unique. 



Craftsmanship: When you invest in a bespoke frame, you are generally buying an object that has been handmade and assembled to the very highest standard. Care has been taken at every stage.  A whole universe away from the computerised production lines of mass-produced framing.



Materials: If a mass-produced frame seems to look good, and it comes at the right price, then why should you care about the exact materials used? Well, mass-produced frames have a tendency to be manufactured with the most ‘cost effective’ materials available – in particular, the card from which the mount is constructed and the materials used for the backing board can contain a range of different acidic compounds. This means that your brand new frame (and that treasured artwork or photo within) will start out looking great, but within a surprisingly short period of time, that lovely chalky white mount will begin to turn to an unsavoury shade of yellow. Worse than this, direct contact of the acids with the picture will begin to attack the borders of the image itself, gradually causing irreparable damage. And to top it all, a process called outgassing means that damaging vapours (given off by the lower quality materials and trapped inside the frame) can eventually attack the entire image, making it impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to restore.


One might assume that the damage seen on the images on the right took place over a massive length of time – in fact, these works were framed with inferior quality materials and sustained all of this in just a few years.

Even very basic quality bespoke framing employs materials and methods that have a proven track record – they are designed to last for many decades.

North Pennines Framing Service
North Pennines Framing Service



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