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Terms and Conditions

North Pennine Studios is a very small organisation, run on the principle of offering outstanding personal service and communication. The vast majority of clients come from word of mouth recommendation and any queries and complaints are dealt with promptly and effectively; we will not rest until full customer satisfaction is achieved.

Bearing this in mind, North Pennine Studios seeks to avoid the usual endless  lists of small-print Terms & Conditions all masked in a veil of complex legal-speak that have now become commonplace on the websites of larger organisations. That said, there are a small number of essential points that must be put into writing:


1.  This is the official website for North Pennine Studios.


The website is available only for your personal, non-commercial use and its use is subject to these Terms and Conditions. Your use of the website signifies your acceptance of these terms. These terms and conditions may need to be amended from time to time without notice and the new version will be posted on the website as soon as is reasonably possible. Your continued use of the website will signify your acceptance of those new terms.


2. Intellectual property.


The whole content of the website, including all of the product designs, images, logos and other intellectual property rights contained therein, including the use of the name ‘North Pennine Studios’, are the sole property of North Pennine Studios . You are permitted to copy, transmit and to use such material only for the purpose of buying or ordering products from North Pennine Studios, but you not are entitled to copy, reproduce, transmit, display in public, create derivative works from, or otherwise commercially exploit such material.


3. Framing and Artwork Products.


Within this website, every effort is made to give you an accurate description of products and services provided by North Pennine Studios. Please note, however, that images may not be to scale and colours shown are as accurate as internet technology allows and will vary according to the settings on your individual display/monitor.

The items on this site are a limited selection by North Pennine Studios and not all items may be available for purchase.


4. Collection and Delivery Services.


North Pennine Studios aims to provide a highly comprehensive and flexible approach to collection and delivery. Such arrangements are made in advance at mutually convenient times. Whilst every effort is made to meet these arrangements in full, occasionally there may be external factors that give rise to delays and these factors are beyond the control and responsibility of North Pennine Studios. When using the collection/delivery service it is assumed that you accept this.


5. Hanging Service.


(i) The hanging service offered is only available for frames (and framed artworks) purchased from North Pennine Studios. To qualify for the hanging service, you must have opted to to have your framed item delivered by North Pennine Studios.


(ii) North Pennine Studios is a small scale low-volume enterprise. As such, the hanging service provided is a single person service designed for smaller scale domestic projects. Please make contact to discuss potentially larger scale/non-standard hanging requirements.


(iii)  Although reasonable precautions will be taken to establish whether the desired wall-space is suitable for the insertion of frame hanging fixings, North Pennine Studios cannot take liability for consequential losses resulting from poor quality wall substrates or concealed hazards that cannot easily be detected. For your peace of mind, North Pennine Studios holds full Public Liability Insurance.


6. Payment Terms.


Payment can be made when goods are dropped off or when being collected but North Pennine Studios cannot release goods without full payment being made. Cash or cheque payments can be accepted in almost all circumstances (Cheques should be made payable to “John Scrowston”) 

7. Privacy Policy (updated May 2018)


N Pennine Studios takes your privacy very seriously.. There is little to gain from bombarding customers with relentless marketing material, and so this does not happen. There is no mailshotting by post or email; no buying of mailing lists and no usage of distribution lists. 


Below you will see what information we keep and what we do with it.  Should you have any concerns over the information held, or would like any information removed, please get in touch.


When you use the Contact form on the website, this is recorded (encrypted and password protected) on the Contact list contained within the website, with details also being sent by email (password protected)  It is used only to enable response to your enquiry.  The following information is recorded:

- Name - for identification

- Email address - so we know who to reply to.

This information is not used for any other purpose other than than for internal referencing should the need arise. It remains on the N Pennine Studios contact system and email store indefinitely to allow this.  It is never passed on to any other party.

Previous & Existing Customers - The (pen & paper based) order/quote system requests the supply of each customer's name, address, tel contact number and email. This information is kept on file (password protected) indefinitely, should further communication regarding the purchase/order/quote be required at a future date (eg. for a repeat order). However, the information is used only for this and not for general marketing purposes. Once again, it is never passed on to any other party. However,  as stated above, if you require any or all of this information to be removed, please do get in touch. The only circumstance in which a previous customer may receive an email which does not directly relate to a particular purchase, order or quote, would be to inform of any disruption to normal service - for example, dates of holidays or restricted working times over the Seasonal period and other public holidays. (if you would prefer not to receive such emails, then please get in touch and you will be promptly removed from the list)




North Pennine Studios

John Scrowston (Sole Trader)

Earnwell Cottage, 7 Front Street, Ireshopeburn, Upper Weardale, DL13 1HA

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